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Feats of Strength
The Intense Edition

We’ve all been there. Or we’ve all wanted to be there. Well, I’ve fantasized about being there, anyway… between two teams of horses pulling in opposite directions. And me, my enormous muscles bulging, sweat pouring off my body, unable to contain the ecstatic joy of the effort this feat of strength is giving me.


As a young boy, I always looked forward to when those movies would be on. You know the ones I mean. I would imagine myself in the place of that Man of Muscle. The excitement it would bring me was a curious thing I could not figure out. There seemed to be something it was leading me to. Certainly, the reaction I was experiencing was…how shall I say…stimulating?


Until one afternoon…

(m; m/horses; m/m's; m/trucks; m/locomotives; m/mountain)


Fictitious animals were harmed in the writing of this book. I am devastated that I was not able to secure certification from the ASPCA due to this fact.

 © Ray Wilder Muscle Fiction