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Eleven and a Half:
A Magical Mystical Journey
of Great Length




When Chris looks out her kitchen window and sees her new neighbor, Arnold, moving his belongings into the apartment next to hers, these are the words that spring to her mind. Soon, the list of adjectives describing him becomes longer (oh, so much longer) and more tantalizing.


And it's not just Chris who finds him intriguing. Arnold as been leaving a trail of adjectives, not to mention a succession of devastated lovers, strewn behind him for quite some time.

From his beginnings as a product of a dysfunctional home to his decision to relocate to the mecca of bodybuilding and become, albeit unknowingly, Chris' next-door neighbor, he has been on a journey of awakening;  a broadening of his horizons that he could not have foreseen.

Commencing with his sexual initiation under the tutelage of his high school gym teacher, Mr. Ridell, and the brief yet momentous encounter with Mr. Ridell's protege, Sam, Arnold is encouraged to head out into the world without a clue as to the enormous consequences of those encounters.

Arnold's tale is uniquely told through a series of intertwined stories of multiple characters, alternating with flashbacks of Arnold's past. The result is a dynamic, kaleidoscopic adventure that chronicles his growth as he comes to terms with the effect he has on each sexual partner he interacts with.

Welcome to a truly magical, mystical journey...of great length.

m; f; m/m; f/f; m/f;  f/m; m/f/m; f/m/f; 🍆;🍌;🍑;💦&💦&💦

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